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Elevated Employee Satisfaction

While Elevated Insights conducts market research on a variety of audiences (consumers, constituents, residents, employees, etc.), researching employees has become a particular passion for us. Retaining top talent has always been difficult, and this challenge is exacerbated in an environment where unemployment rates are incredibly low.

So how do you keep your employees engaged and satisfied?

The answer is different for every business, and that’s where Elevated Insights can help! Our approach to employee satisfaction and engagement research is completely custom. Here is a very high-level view of our process:

1 – We work with our clients to thoroughly understand their employee base, challenges and goals

2 – We custom-craft a survey that is appropriate for the employee base and addresses the challenges and goals of our clients.

3 – We collect responses in a way that will garner the highest response rates among employees. Often this means allowing employees to respond through multiple channels, and assisting our clients in crafting communication that will make employees feel like they can give honest feedback.

4 – We carefully clean and analyze the data. Our analysis goes much deeper than simply whether or not employees are satisfied, we uncover what changes can be made to make them engaged and satisfied.

5 – We present our findings to clients along with thoughtful, strategic, actionable recommendations.

6 – We provide options for tracking changes in satisfaction/engagement going forward.

Ready to improve the satisfaction and engagement of your employees?

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