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4 Reasons To Conduct Market Research In Colorado Springs

4 Reasons to Conduct Market Research in Colorado Springs

If you know anybody from Colorado Springs, you know we have a lot of pride in the place we live. After all, Colorado Springs is listed in the top 15 National Best Places to Live, ranked second for America’s Best Cities for Dating, is #15 for the Best Place for Tech Jobs and to top it off, the city boasts more than 30 breweries – all this without the big city hustle and bustle and with the mountains as our backyard playground.

Pride and top 20 lists aside, why should corporations conduct market research in Colorado Springs?

Here are four main reasons why every business should consider Colorado Springs for their next marketing research destination.

1. Home to a wide range of mindsets and lifestyles

In the early days of Colorado Springs, people flocked to the area because of the sunny conditions and the dry, mild climate – a perfect respite for people suffering from poor health conditions, specifically tuberculosis. Health is still a reason so many settle in Colorado Springs, and the region has become a mecca for fitness-conscious consumers and outdoor recreation enthusiasts. In fact, Colorado Springs was ranked the 2nd fittest city in America, according to a Facebook ranking.3 You wouldn’t expect less when the Incline (one of the most challenging hikes in the area: a gain of almost 2,000 feet of elevation over less than 1 mile) and U.S. Olympic Training Center call the Springs home.

The residents of Colorado Springs have a median income equivalent to the U.S. average so you’ll get a good representation when you’re looking for a specific HHI. You could say that we have a bit of a nerd culture: Colorado Springs is almost 10% over the national average for people who possess a Bachelor’s degree or higher (36.3%).2 Plus, the region offers a good mix of mainstream suburban families, retirees,4 and is a growing destination for young entrepreneurs and millennials.

2. No professional respondents here—the benefit of being a secondary market

Although Colorado Springs has a population of nearly 450K residents, the area has generally been passed over as a research destination in favor of Denver. This is a significant benefit for companies who are looking for a fresh perspective on their brand, product, and/or service. Clients who have conducted research in Colorado Springs are consistently impressed to hear from respondents who have never participated in a market research study before. Larger markets can suffer from ‘professional’ respondents who figure out ways to participate in as many paid research studies as possible. Research in a secondary market like Colorado Springs offers a level of research authenticity and honesty missing in many major markets.

3. Hosts Colorado Springs’ newest and largest market research facility

Before Elevated Insights, Colorado Springs did not have a state-of-the-art market research facility. Among the tech features that any facility should have, such as video streaming and full HD audio/video recording, we offer three spacious, modern research suites with private client lounges.

We designed our main room, Summit, to enable automotive and large machine research because we know how difficult it can be to find a facility that fits that specific need. If you need a place for focus groups, in-depth interviews, usability testing, co-creation, or mock juries, we have the perfect facility designed to meet your specific research needs.

We also know how stressful it can be to coordinate parking and food while also trying to manage your research project – and guess what? You don’t have to worry about those things with us. We offer secure parking for clients and participants, food, and printing services. If you need to stay overnight or have an hour to freshen up or take a shower, you’ll receive full access to our moderator suite, which includes hotel-like amenities.

If you need to decompress after a long day of insights and opinions, the Elevated Insights’ team will introduce you to some favorite hangouts in downtown Colorado Springs (that is if the unlimited beer in the fridge doesn’t cut it).

We’re unashamedly proud of our facility, so do us a favor and browse through our image gallery and then give us a call for a bid. You can view our Colorado Springs facility images here.

4. A community surrounded by military commands

El Paso County is the only county in the nation that is home to five military commands: United States Air Force Academy, Schriever Air Force Base, Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, and NORAD.

These Colorado military bases employ approximately 60,000 people and contribute almost $6 billion to the local economy.1 Plus, 11.8% of Colorado Springs’ population are veterans compared to the national average of 6.7%.2

With the U.S. Army Reserve Center and the Colorado Army National Guard located in the area as well, you just found the hot spot for the military’s voice to be reflected in your research.

Are you ready to conduct market research in Colorado Springs? 

Let’s talk. Give us a call at 719.590.9999 or fill out our Contact Form.

Elevated Insights is a full-service insights agency based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a trusted business partner to our clients, we offer custom qualitative, quantitative, and hybrid research solutions, national respondent recruiting, and a stunning research facility. 


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3 – The ranking is based on check-ins, fitness-related mentions and use of fitness apps during a three-month period. (07/13); Colorado Springs Business Alliance
4 – Nielsen Psychographic Lifestyle Analysis

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