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We combine a love of statistics with a deep desire to solve the puzzle.

EI finds the story in the data.

Quantitative Research Techniques

When data-driven decisions are needed, we start with fully validated respondent sample for highest quality responses. Nearly all our studies utilize online, mobile, or in-person/intercept feedback. No cookie-cutter approaches here – our team ensures studies use interesting formats and question-types to keep quality of information strong.

EI analysts report results alongside our insights strategists, combining quantitative research preferences with open-ended responses to share the narrative in a highly visual manner.

While we craft the right design for any business issues at hand, frequent methods employed include customized:

  •   Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  •   Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  •   Usage & Attitude Studies
  •   Concept & Positioning Tests
  •   Real Estate Development Needs Assessment
  •   Habits & Practices Studies
  •   Opinion and Sentiment Tracking
  •   Shopper Satisfaction / Retail Experience
  •   Colorado’s Annual Omnibus Study
  •   Media Habits/Preferences – Touchpoint Studies
  •   Advertising Optimization
  •   Need-Gap Studies – Opportunity Assessment

Elevated Insights conducted a housing development study to gauge local area resident preferences on interior design and amenities prior to construction.

EI partnered with a large snack company to understand the emotional connection that consumers have to a potential new tagline for the brand, both unaided and aided. We dove into understanding the relative appeal and fit of different conceptual executions of the possible emotional benefit.

A restaurant chain wanted to understand which aspects increase the likelihood that visitors will return to the restaurant or recommend it to a friend. EI used the correlations to do a quadrant analysis that incorporated stated and derived important to highlight areas of focus/improvement.

We incorporate an extra level of participant verification to ensure that all quantitative research participants meet target specifications for a reliable sample. We custom create research solutions to your business goal.

Custom Research Solutions

We pride ourselves on delivering strategic perspective with personal attention to each client partner. Qualitative, quantitative, hybrid, ethnography, online, mobile, in-person, recruiting, and moderating – we’re committed to crafting a custom approach to get you the insights you need.

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