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Exceptional Local
and National Recruiting

Approaching every project as if we were the client.

We took national recruiting in-house so we could have the highest confidence in the participant sample and the research results. We understand the importance of getting recruiting right, which is why we approach every project as if we were the end user.

We don’t cut corners—we double-screen, we assign participants to one recruiter so there is continuity in communication throughout the recruiting process. Because of this we are proud to deliver a 95% show rate for our local projects with consistently satisfied clients.

“The recruited members who participated were amazing! They were so engaged and their perspectives invaluable. Thank you for connecting us with such great individuals. Additionally, the UCD activities bought the team so much value. Members really gave each activity their all, and asked very interesting questions. The discussions had a depth and richness that only face-to-face interaction could spur.”

Fortune 500 Client

Here are some example of recruits we’ve completed:

  •   Off-roaders
  •   Subsidized health care qualifiers
  •   Spanish speakers
  •   Middle and high schoolers
  •   Foodies
  •   High-end makeup users
  •   Self-identified nerds
  •   Military personnel and spouses
National Recruiting example

In addition to our national recruiting capabilities, we have cultivated a diverse panel of Southern Colorado citizens, ready to share their opinions.

Why Colorado Springs?

The second largest city in Colorado (and fifth-best place to live in the U.S.!) boasts a variety of demographics. You’ll find:

  •   Mainstream young suburban families
  •   Health and fitness-conscious consumers
  •   Outdoor recreation enthusiasts
  •   A mix of political mindsets
  •   Military, both active duty and veterans
  •   A median income equivalent to U.S. average
Plan your visit to Colorado Springs!

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Custom Research Solutions

We pride ourselves on delivering strategic perspective with personal attention to each client partner. Qualitative, quantitative, hybrid, ethnography, online, mobile, in-person, recruiting, and moderating – we’re committed to crafting a custom approach to get you the insights you need.

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